Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Blog Entry from a Counselor

By Mari Timpanaro
When this journey began 10 days ago, I could never have predicted, or allowed myself to fully understand, the transformations that happen in this very giving and protected space of PCB. 10 days ago, I walked into a second family; a family of educators, Masters, and PhD students who all have wonderful talents (comedy, music, dance, drama, knowledge, etc.) they willingly grant to others. 10 days ago, this “old fart” novice PCB counselor felt the euphoria ripple through this group and became addicted to the spell of Project Common Bond.

8 days ago, planes and buses overflowing with participants from 15 countries blessed Governor’s Academy with some truly remarkable young people. Child Welfare advocates, sons and daughters of 9/11 victims, and authors walked into this program and forever altered the lives of their counselors and each other. When surrounded by such accomplished humanitarians, your faith and energy for maintaining persistent, yet dignified discussions to better our global connectedness is restored. This group of young people proved that using “active listening” to accompany a proactive mind and a welcoming heart can, in fact, set us on a new course. Their selflessness and gloriously friendly natures were so refreshing. During one of our many dance parties as I looked around while grooving to the music, I saw a room filled with participants from Sri Lanka, Spain, Northern Ireland, and France, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude for this opportunity. PCB, to you we belong.

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