Sunday, July 15, 2012

"The whole world gets a little smaller..."

So I stood there in the Student Center with my four new friends from Sri Lanka teaching them magic. Magic, like music is a universal language. We laughed a lot while making M&Ms disappear. It made me forget my seven hour ride that morning from Long Island. My name is Dan and for the last 11 years, I have helped these kids from Tuesday’s Children and Project Common Bond tell their amazing and inspiring stories.

In a matter of minutes, I met teenagers from France, Algeria, Morocco, Northern Ireland, Nigeria, Pakistan and so many more. They were singing, laughing, sharing stories and bonding. They told me stories of their Peace in Action class and the importance of dignity when dealing in delicate peace negotiations.

Algeria and France battled hard at fooseball and afterwards laughed about their game. Then the room exploded in excitement when Molly, a PCB Counselor and staff member walked in with a bag of popsicles. I learned popsicles are also a universal language. So at the end of day three, I watched new friends become best friends and the whole world get a little smaller.


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