Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PCB Poetry

During this week of Project Common Bond the drama elective has been focusing on themes discussed in the morning sessions. To do so in a dramatic way, the groups have created metaphor poems that use images and ideas to express how the participants understand the complex notions of dignity and conflict.  Each participant in the elective gave one or two metaphors that capture their in-the-moment conception of these themes.  The poems are a beautiful testament to the incredible work being done at PCB and the insightful, imaginative participants we have the opportunity to work with. Here they are:

Conflict Is…
By Tuesday Drama Elective
Like a firework—it keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger until it explodes.
It is a multicolored bracelet that jingles whenever I shake it.
Like gravity, it’s always holding you down.
Conflict is what keeps us from perfection.

It’s like a match—the tiniest spark can become a wildfire.
It’s like a bitchslap—it hurts at first and gets better over time.
Like an elevator—it goes up and down.  It can keep elevating or resolve itself.
Conflict is a nail in the tire of life.
El conflict es encoutnarse una pared en la vide, que podes aprender a paser o debes volver atrós.
It is the worst and the best of me,
The road and the pothole.
It feels like a rock in someone’s stomach.
Conflict is the storm that allows us to recreate ourselves.

Conflict Is…
By Drama Fixed Elective
A problem.
It’s fire.
Like opening Pandora’s box.
It’s an excuse,
A hairline fracture.
Conflict is natural.
You both need it and you don’t need it.
You can’t get anywhere with it, and you can’t get anywhere without it.
Conflict is reality.
It’s ever-present.
An open-minded fire.
It’s where the rubber hits the road.
The source of passion and creativity.
Conflict is everyday life.
Both the hill and the valley.
It’s chaos and confusion,
The end and the beginning.
Conflict defines us. 

Dignity Is…
By Monday  Drama Elective
Trying to go to sleep on Christmas Eve
It’s respecting yourself and others around you.
A snowman in the middle of a field.
It’s a treehouse.
Dignity is trying even though you might fail.
It’s hard and strong,
A handshake.
It’s protecting your own set of values,
And the sound of laughter for days on end.
Dignity is standing up for yourself.
For me, it’s being with my family.
It’s jewelry that I’m keeping for myself.
It is a sealed golden locket full of compassion that I wear every day.
It’s a cake full of rainbows.
Dignity is respecting your own morals,
And being brave.
It’s a steady hand,
And a million words stretched around the world.
It’s being a leader among followers.
Dignity is being true to yourself.

What is?
By Drama Fixed Elective
A long walk.
Getting recognition.
A child’s voice.
An awareness of others.
Flying high.
An expensive car that you can’t afford to get hit or scratched.
A beautiful ball among boxes.
Ever so carefully holding the world in your palm,
Something nobody can bear to lose.
It makes the small world big and the big world small.
A diamond,
A treasure.
It shines when we’re together.
And when we’re not together…I don’t know.
It’s unique and irreplaceable.
This is dignity. 

Morgan Geisert
PCB Facilitator 2011 

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