Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Night Kick-Off Dinner!

The arrival of the US participants on Saturday brought together a total of 77 Project Common Bond attendees in one room. Old friends gathered to catch up while others made new acquaintances and learned names of their new peers. Kathy Murphy, Director of Project Common Bond, welcomed each country and their group to cheers and applause, while everyone enjoyed a home-made Southern-style cookout. Introductions to group counselors were made and teens took a short walk across the campus to their rooms shortly after dinner. Many enjoyed a late night swim in Foxcroft's beautiful pool facility before settling in for a good night's sleep before our first big day! 

Tomorrow starts bright and early with a motivational and inspirational speech by Foxcroft's Assistant Head of School, Sheila McKibbon. Sheila will be leading the group in fun and engaging ice-breakers to make introductions easy and getting to know one another fun. All are looking forward to the week ahead!

Lights out at Project Common Bond,

PCB Counselor 2011
TC Staff 2010-Present

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