Thursday, July 28, 2011

Washington, D.C.

From the top steps of the Lincoln Memorial to the walk of the Vietnam Memorial, from the front of the White House to the US State Department and the Institute of Peace--participants represented Project Common Bond all over our nation's capital today. Spending the day touring Washington, D.C., PCB participants found themselves inspired by peace-builders from the past and present, and empowered by their own confidence in their mission here at Project Common Bond.

PCB programming was complimented by inspiring presentations and workshops at the US State Department and the Institute of Peace. With the help of this week's programming so far, our young adults came out of their comfort zones and became the global leaders we knew they could be today. When asked to participate in discussions with Congressman Ed Royce, Principal Deputy Coordinator for Counterterrorism, Robert F. Godec, and David Smith at the US Institute of Peace, PCB participants were articulate, intelligent, and incredibly captivating. They showed their knowledge of what they had learned from our facilitators and each other with ease and talked of world peacemakers with the inclination that they, too, had become ambassadors for peace.

The day concluded with a gift to the US Institute of Peace from Project Common Bond 2011 in the form of an illustrated banner depicting the collective definition of peace from the participants created at our World Café session. Couldn't have asked for a better trip to our nation's capital with PCB!

PCB Counselor 2011
TC Staff 2010-Present

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